You can convert your current bike or do as I plan to

Under no circumstances, in the age of COVID 19, should the city be erecting large, congregate shelters. That’s what we’ve been trying to avoid by housing people in hotel and motel rooms. The city should try to find buildings, either publicly or privately owned, that can be converted into housing, along with hotels willing to lease out rooms long term.

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Using over three hundred different cancer registries as well as cause of death offices in nearly two hundred countries, researchers were able to gather their data on these two types of cancer. Their findings revealed that breast cancer has been steadily increasing by just over three percent every year for the last three decades or longer. In some countries, including countries of Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, there is an increase in breast cancers found in younger women.

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Common usable open space will also include a west facing shared rooftop terrace. The intent of the building operation is for each room to only have one occupant at a time, however to allow for some flexibility the total number of residents for the 42 rooms could be 50, or an average of 1.2 residents per room. Parking is planned for 42 bikes and six vehicles.

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