The Rangers are chomping at the bit of the Habs

“I’ve been watching him since I was a kid. He’s an amazing player.”When it’s all said and done he could probably break that record. It would be pretty sweet to see.”Ovechkin has scored at least 40 goals 11 times, including 49 and 51 the last two seasons.

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cheap nba basketball jerseys Pretty darn close, huh? I’m predicting more life out of Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral than last night’s Habs performance, at least we know someone’s gonna score, right? The Bruins distanced themselves further from the Habs in the Eastern Conference, now five points up on Montreal with two games in hand. The Ottawa Senators did the Habs a half a solid, defeating the seventh place New York Rangers in a shootout, 2 1 F/SO. The Rangers are chomping at the bit of the Habs, now only two points back. cheap nba basketball jerseys

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