So I don’t see a huge number of users flowing in

VIVO has pulled out as the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL) for this year’s edition, following backlash on social media. VIVO had paid Rs 2,199 crore for a five year contract in 2018. The BCCI on Sunday had announced that all sponsors were being retained, but VIVO pulled out following criticism on social media in the backdrop of the clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh in June.

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One we do give to and we know where every cent goes, is one where all the ladies that support the cancer patients receiving chemo, with tea and cake etc feet rubs and as much support they can to make the patients comfortable. Linda’s chemo refill as I like to call it took 5 hours, these women all volunteers are angels and keep them comfortable the whole time. I inquired where all the cakes etc came from and most was out their own pockets.

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