People arrived with no places to sleep and calls to We already know the history of the Bush administration for using the threat of Terror attacks to manipulate their approval rating. We have seen Republican political campaigns attempt to terrorize Americans into voting for them. We know how the terrorist attacks on 9/11 were used by political opportunists to begin a wholesale theft of the civil liberties and the constitutional rights that made America the envy of the world..

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If a Chinese citizen doesn’t have enough social credit, then she is unable to travel, her Internet speed is throttled, her children aren’t allowed to attend good schools, and she is barred from the most desirable jobs.In 2015, we learned the social credit system also includes a blacklist. Li Xiaolin, a lawyer placed on the list, found he could not purchase plane tickets or apply for a credit card, regardless of his social credit score.Xi hasn’t stopped there. In 2017, the Chinese government was already installing the Beidou satellite navigation system, which launched last month in every Chinese vehicle.

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