New year drinks elder parka, $49

New year drinks elder parka, $49.99

The New York Post recently offered $50 to an anonymous reader who paid $12 for an elder cap on a pair of hiking boots. Not only does the item make it to the top of their wish list (yes, it exists), the Post suggests using the $49.99 price tag to buy a similar item for your next wedding or anniversary.

5. Your baby’s bath towel: $7

The Amazon review of this bath towel reads, “I have a pretty old baby (20) that is sickly but I find that a bath towel is very easy to wear, and is great for making baby shower looks and having baby shower conversations at the beach. I have found that most of the time I leave this at home. It is inexpensive (only 3-4 dollars each), and it does what it’s supposed to do. I also find that the price is actually pretty good if you are able to pull it off.” The product’s description:

This is a baby bath towel that has been used several times over the years in cold water with no frosting, and can be applied directly to skin to treat any kind of skin condition! No frosting needed or required. This is our baby’s bath towel made from soft, comfortable baby-safe bamboo. Made for infants up to the ages of 2 months, the cloth is stretchy enough to accommodate normal adu해운대출장안마 해운대출장마사지lt fingers. Our baby bath towels come in two colors, soft white (for the hands and neck) and heavy black (for the legs). This is a baby bath towel that will fit most hands, but we recommend a cotton or linen towel, or just a plain cotton towel as it will keep you from pulling out a little bit!

6. Your family photo album: $20

A local ABC news station has offered up a $20 gift certificate to anyone who buys an album of family photos. What’s more, they’ll receive a special gift card that will buy one (or more) albums.

7. A new haircut for your children: $30

One local paper has offered a $30’shovel-tooth shave’ for your children and an ‘electric sh평택출장마사지aven’. The idea is that you can shave your children once a week (once a week plus two days/hrs if you go a weekend) with the shaved hair (the electric shaver is $90) and the el제천출장샵 제천안마ectric knife.

8. A custom wedding cake: $3