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On a weeknight for The Times. Though often uneven, The Times never suffers from a lack of ambition. Better yet, the show displays that rarest of TV news qualities: a sense of humor. Baby Girl Halloween CostumesIf your baby is a girl, some classic Halloween costumes include a pumpkin patch or a witch. But then you can dress her up in any costume you fancy. She can be princess Snow White, Cinderella or a little mermaid.

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But then again, is any of this surprising? Google executives can make all the rhetorical genuflections they want towards ideas like privacy, but few companies in Silicon Valley today are more implacably opposed to the very existence of private information. It was Larry Page who called for all health records to be made public, because when you a Silicon Valley billionaire, it literally doesn occur to you that people have been discriminated against for various medical conditions, or that some people simply might not want their entire medical histories to be freely available to anyone who might want to see them. This is the company that somehow managed to keep giving away all of your location data to third parties years after it pledged to both simplify its application permission communication and Cheap Jerseys china to crack down on who has access to what data in Android..

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