I hope they never have to know the pain of losing

People who stayed behind weren’t sure what to think about a man like John Rigas, who wore his ambition on his sleeve. “It’s the same plague you see in other small communities,” says Bruce Cahilly, a local attorney who befriended Rigas early on. “People who have more talent and expertise are perceived as threats.” So John was snubbed when he moved to town with Doris, a former high school English teacher from a poor family in the Finger Lakes area.

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The only difference is that black women are far better at framing their prejudices as “preferences.” I’ve lost track of how many women have asked me, “How tall are you?” Others simply come out and tell you that they “Want a tall manat least 6ft.” Now for the record, I am exactly 6ft tall, but a height requirement is an insane requisite for a mate. To be blunt, if all black men opted for a weight requirement, many black women would fail to meet that requirement. People who live in glass houses.

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