Few said he instructed his players to intentionally

He was really vocal, and he made plays.”That run was 16 0, taking South Carolina from a 65 51 deficit with 10:55 remaining to a 67 65 lead with 7:06 to play.The Zags answered with a 7 0 spurt of their own, going ahead 72 67 with 4:48 left.It was a battle to the end from there, Gonzaga leading 75 72 going into the final seconds.After Williams Goss missed a jumper, the Gamecocks rebounded and called timeout cheap nfl jerseys with 12 seconds to play, needing a 3 point shot to tie and force overtime. Few said he instructed his players to intentionally foul after taking the clock down as much as possible.The ball went to South Carolina star Sindarius Thornwell, who maneuvered outside the 3 point line and was fouled it didn look intentional by Josh Perkins.Thornwell made the first free throw, then intentionally missed the second. Gonzaga Killian Tillie, a 6 10 freshman, was fouled on the rebound with 2.2 ticks left.

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