Waterproofing of slabs, water reservoirs, water mirrors, terraces, subsoils – in the rehabilitation of existing building constructions or in new projects. The PVC blanket is very flexible, easy to install, molding to the interferences quite easily, providing a more agile, clean and safe installation. With the expected life of around 30 years, it becomes a more adequate system and durable compared to rigid systems.


PVC blanket, reinforced with polyester fabric, for the waterproofing of metallic roofs and concrete slabs. Due to the ease of handling the material, the application takes place in an agile and clean way, requiring no flame. For this application, there is no need for mechanical protection on the PVC blanket, since it is already formulated to withstand weathering. The PVC blanket for this application gives more flexibility to the rehabilitation of roofs, without the need to interrupt the client’s operation, especially in large circulation areas (malls, shopping centers, convention centers, universities, hospitals). This solution can be applied in the recovery of existing roofs or in new projects, for areas with controlled transit. Light color material, giving excellent thermal comfort due to better reflection of the heat. The material can still be acquired in special recording, with better architectural appeal.