China xi jinping says nanjing massacre undeniable evidence of evil

China xi jinping says nanjing massacre undeniable evidence of evil. The killing of women and girls by the Chinese military was an act of “evil evil”. They are just “too scary”. (9/18/10) [Source]

Xinhua says China Xiaomi to buy U.S. technology firms for $250m for $150m US bid. Xinhua claims it will invest over $250 million in U.S. companies, including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Cisco Systems, Qualcomm, Intel, Qualcomm Technologies제주출장샵청주 출장 안마,, IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Fujitsu, TCL Corp., and Fujitsu International. The deal represents about 90 percent of U.S. sales by the company, Xinhua states.

Viacom Media Networks says the X-Men: First Class launch should lead to 50% net increase in online traffic. Viacom says in its annual report published Sept. 9, it sees an “intermediate” shift of online traffic to mobile devices. (7/19/10)

Globalization of the Chinese People

China’s “Great Firewall” has spread so widely that there are so many users of it that the average Chinese has no idea what it is, a professor of international politics at Renmin University in Beijing has warned. “China has created this vast system that is completely out of touch with the reality of the Chinese people and what th진주출장안마ey want,” said Zhao He and his professor Yu Jiahui, both visiting research fellow at Renmin University. “It is impossible to think in such an arbitrary way and can become self-perpetuating and become another way of life for the ordinary citizens,” said the professor, who is also a vice-chairman of the Beijing-based China Development Bank, which is the main funder of social programs in China. (12/4/09)

China’s media watchdog has warned that the Chinese central bank, like many others around the world, will need to look outside the country for additional funding. China’s media regulator has r울산출장샵ecommended adding some $3.5 trillion in additional funding to be available in the near future. With the addition of these funds, the central bank could add additional financing to support the country’s continued growth, said the report from the People’s Bank of China’s Financial Stability Division, which regulates the country’s state run financial institutions. In other words, China’s public sector finances will likely be the biggest target of this additional funding, the report said. (3/17/09)