Carl and Ty share some smoke

You can expect a set heavy on those new songs, but peppered with all the classic singles, certainly a formula for a memorable festival appearance. It’s a similar story for The Prodigy who’ll headline the Main Stage on Friday after The Black Keys. Both acts have played the festival in recent years and here they’re repeating the joint top billing that was given to Biffy Clyro and Calvin Harris last year.

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Our vendors were amazing in their support and quickness in moving plans around. We made the call to reschedule as soon as regulations restricted gatherings of over 50 people. Rescheduling all vendors took, at the most, 48 hours. Neil Blake: In front of the steps where the speakers were, people were standing close together. While many people were angry with the way Gov. Whitmer has handled the crisis, the mood in the crowd was upbeat and enthusiastic.

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Vendor stalls will be laid out in a single “snaking” line with booths facing one direction and additional space between them. Customers will not be allowed to backtrack to return to a vendor. Customers will be directed to touch only the food they are purchasing and only after completing the purchase.

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