Beer while giving local bands like LIONESS

We have great service and cold beer; that’s what a dive bar is all about. They’re the backbone of Mother Pug’s Saloon.”The bar serves Kills Boro Brewing Co. Beer while giving local bands like LIONESS, Pastel and Enrage a stage to perform.The Tottenville spot is an intimate, neighborhood pub with loyal South Shore patrons.Those who manage the bar stress keeping things simple and classic hence the Coors Light and Budweiser on tap behind the bar.Last year, the Island Wide Dart League also held competitions there.We feel honored to be nominated in this poll,” said Maria, owner of Aloysia’s Lounge.When you think of dive bars on Staten Island, Lee’s Tavern is not the first spot that comes to mind.While the Dongan Hills pub serves cold, classic drafts, Lee’s is best known for its pizza and other Italian eats.Being nominated in the poll came as a shock to Diego (Dickie) Palemine, the manager of Lee’s Tavern.There’s a lot of things we are and there are a lot of things we are not,” Palemine said when asked if he would consider Lee’s a dive bar.The spot was nominated due to its cash only rule and neighborhood bar environment.

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