As these little kids blast past me I think what if

The province said at the time they will announce before Aug. 1 which scenario they will use depending on the level of COVID 19 in the province.A spokesperson for Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen confirmed this was still the plan in an emailed statement on Tuesday.Kinew said the goals of hiring 400 more teachers and expanding school infrastructure should be attainable in the six week time frame before the start of the school year. He said expanding spaces could be done through renting vacant business spaces, using community halls and concert venues or can find millions of dollars for the CFL to come to Winnipeg, you ought be able to stand up a response for what our kids need in classrooms very quickly as well, he said.He said the employment quota could be filled by young educators who have struggled to find work and in the substitute pool and more just out of school.Kinew also emphasized the need for more mental health supports in schools due to the issues that were caused by the pandemic, including hiring back educational assistants as well as other supports..

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