You agree to be responsible for: (a) keeping your

So I picked up and turned on the flood light on the garage all the while looking out the picture window. Bam, holy fuckin’ shit. There was a huge black bear there laying down pretty much on top of the red bird feeder, munching away on the black sunflower seeds.

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cheap nba jerseys They originally bought in Westfield, which while it has insane property tax, is totes charming, with a cute town, excellent schools, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and a mainline rail station. It was also filled with photocopied SAHMs jamming the local Starbucks with SUV strollers, and almost 100% white in terms of visible residents. After about the 19th incident of observing an arrest for DWB, my mother literally could not take it anymore and they moved to Plainfield cheap nba jerseys.

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