With different sized spaces in the new orange lot

The vehicle, originally designed for forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and meant to withstand improvised explosive device blasts, technically remains controlled property of the Department of Defense, as does all equipment transferred to law enforcement agencies that is of a strictly military nature. “We went through pretty great lengths to remove all the military hardware and soften its image, make it appear and function more like a civilian armored vehicle,” Petersen says of the MRAP, which was delivered in March. “We were really careful of how we were going to use it, because we were sensitive to the militarization issue, and obviously we saw what happened in Ferguson six years ago and that’s been part of the narrative since then.”.

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Cheap Jerseys china A DOT spokesman said the changes will cost no additional time or money.With different sized spaces in the new orange lot, parking crews will now separate smaller vehicles from larger vehicles as they enter the lot during the State Fair and for concerts. Wider cars will be sent to the wider spaces, a DOT official has said.The cash booths will join EZ pass lanes at the lot, which were installed to movedrivers quickly into thelot and prevent long lines of vehicles that sometimes backed up onto Interstate 690 on busy days.There is some dispute over how many spaces wereadded in the $27 million project.State Fair officials said there was space previously for 4,000 to 5,000 vehicles in the lot, which did not have lined spaces. The lot would also lose up to 30 percent of its capacityin heavy rains and flooding, which paving will prevent.The “4,000 to 5,000” number, however, is different than the governor office has used in the past.A news release from Gov. Cheap Jerseys china

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