The Mayflower II will be away from it’s dock

On Wednesday, June 10 at 5PM EST, please take the time to listen and learn from some of the most distinguished and experienced black artists in our field. The roundtable will be available to view on social media platforms from Young Concert Artists and The Violin Channel. The conversation will be archived..

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Warren Sawkiw knows the pressure of athletic competition at the highest levels. He played professional baseball for nine seasons with the Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays and the Chicago White Sox. A five time veteran of Canada’s Men’s National Baseball Team, Sawkiw represented Canada at the 1998 Seoul Olympics.

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Let his play be his talk, Senn said. Was never a rah rah guy, yelling at us. He just led by example. The water is nearby. The Mayflower II will be away from it’s dock, so you will not be able to see or visit that area. You can do a day further down the cape and still be within about 30 minutes from Boston on off peak travel hours..

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