Some people are just naturally skeptical or jealous

Despair, fear, discomfort, hunger, depression, indignity, soiling, abuse. We can detect three primary concerns; the emotional concern, the physical concern and the spiritual concern; exemplified by despair, hunger and indignity. Let us just for a moment stop and sense that situation..

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E., DeWitt and 176 Grant Ave., Auburn do not appear to have reopened yet.Business was steady this morning at the Thompson Road Denny’s near Carrier Circle. It was open for both takeout and dining in. It’s not clear whether the other local Denny’s will reopen or how many employees will be brought back or hired.Ironwood Pizza in Manlius won’t reopen.

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An item caught my eye, an omelette with a side order of flap jacks. This sounded delicious and as it was a three egg omelette it no way could it be too big for me to devour. Our drinks arrived, mine a coke “bottomless” the lass said, bottomless? I had a bottom and hers wasn’t half bad, not sure what she was referring to, so I kept my mouth shut.

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