New York: Pantheon Books, 1985

At first, the researchers worried they had done something wrong. But they hadn and they had their answer: Asymptomatic carriers contribute substantially to transmission. Washington state, similar clues emerged for Dr. Breast cancer does not see age, shape or size as it can affect your breasts at any stage in your life. You need to be breast aware at all stages of your life and this can only be done if you properly examine your breasts from time to time. Remember that BC can also affect men as well.

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It has been reported that residents of Chaing Rai, Thailand are dealing with the aftermath. For example, patients at a local Chiang Rai hospital had to be evacuated. The reason that this area was hit is due to the fact that the earthquake in Myanmar 2011 epicenter was located just north of the small town of Tachileik within the mountains along the Thai Myanmar border.

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