It was the 458th career victory for Fleury

C. Handy =666, born asWilliam Christopher Handy =669. W. In any event, the Raptors have pretty much had all of their rest forced on them through injury. Which in effect takes care of an issue that plagued them a year ago when Dwane Casey and his coaching staff opted for what they felt would be beneficial rest down the stretch for their key players only to pay the price later by starting the playoffs stone cold. The Raptors this year wind up taking the exact opposite approach, though perhaps not by choice..

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Was Wonka a gentle genius, intent on instilling delight and wonder? Or was he a sinister con, employing questionable methods in pursuit of marvelous chaos? And which was Gene?”Understanding what motivated my dad was important to me,” Andy tells The Washington Post. “He just got such a kick out of seeing people have a really good time. That’s what drove him.”Like Wonka, Gene is at times the pioneering visionary of his kingdom and at times the obstinate antihero.

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DeBoer picked up his 416th coaching victory (416 329 111). Vegas is his fourth head coaching stop.The victory snapped a four game losing streak for Vegas. It was the 458th career victory for Fleury, who snapped a personal three game losing streak while moving into a tie with Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers.

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