Hospital takes on new staff

Hospital takes on new staff

The hospital has been undergoing a £15million revamp with new services and a new office in addition to the refurbished staff it used to have.

The hospital is also expecting a £1million boost in its operating budget following the acquisition of a new aircraft, which is now due to arrive by March.

The new staff is coming through “a number of areas where we have struggled for years, and they are bringing expertise in areas that the new leadership at the hospital has identified”.

Image copyright ROSS BISHOP Image caption Dr Ro이천출장마사지출장 마사지bert Tubb’s “rebirth” surgery is set for 7 March

The hospital said this work would be focused on providing “the best care possible” and the “most advanced surgical solutions”.

In a statement, the head of operating team, David Litton, said: “This is not just about adding a bigger operating theatre or a more modern laboratory to the existing one, but it is about a modernised medical centre which we feel will give the hospital a further boost and increase the quality of care our patients provide us.

“I thank all of those who made this hospital such an iconic and special place for our patients, both past and present. To date, the investment of this much needed budget will XO 카지노bring new, innovative, and exciting ways to help our patients as well as improve their quality of life.”

Dr Litton added: “There is always a long term view involved with new medical facilities. What we are proposing will give us the opportunity to meet this vision over the next five years.

“By getting the money as quickly as possible, the크레이지 슬롯 department can work with the new hospital team to provide the best possible care to our patients and staff.

“A good place for each and every one of us to start in the relationship between patients and doctors is in our relationship with our own health and wellbeing.”