Waterproofing of channels, mechanically protected with concrete. The example of the Channels: Transposition of São Francisco, Belt of Waters, Channel of Salitre, Pontal Sul, Jaíba, Formoso A and Formoso H. The PVC is ideal for this application due to the perfect flatness, even under intense sun, being able to be installed any time of the day. Another characteristic of this material is the perfect adhesion of the concrete, and can even work with the higher slump (softer concrete). The material is supplied in panels modulated according to the design, providing greater agility and lower installation cost.


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PVC geomembrane for irrigation ponds. PVC is an excellent solution in these cases, because it is perfectly adapted to the irregularities of the substrate, due to its flexibility, which guarantees greater security of waterproofing. Another advantage is easy maintenance. Due to the excellent weldability characteristic of PVC, it is possible to repair or even replace part of the material with recovery of the work, considering the life conditions of the material. In this application, we have the possibility of making the material to measure, allowing the installation by the user in cases of small units.

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