Vinimanta is formulated in a laboratory, according to the specific requirements of each project, characterized by being a thin, flat and large material, with particular properties of flexibility and resistance, ideal to exert the barrier function in the containment or deviation of fluids . Its use guarantees better adhesion to the concrete and, due to its flexibility, it fits to any type of surface without rupturing.

The vinigeomanta can be used with numerous advantages in the waterproofing of underground structures, such as subway stations, tunnels, basements, garages and ventilation wells. Another indication of this product is in the waterproofing of irrigation canals and ponds, since the blanket adheres perfectly to the irregularities of the substrate. Due to the excellent weldability characteristic of PVC, it is possible to repair or even replace part of the material, considering the life conditions of the blanket.

In landfills the vinigeomanta prevents the contamination of the water sources, being also a great alternative to cover the waste, making the containment of the rainwater and presenting as benefits the reduction of the percolado and the best use of the biogas. In waste tanks the PVC geomembrane can be formulated according to the characteristics of the effluent to be stored, which guarantees safety to the system.


Versatile Formulation

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The versatility in the formulation of this material allows to include additives that provide UV resistance, non-flame propagation, chemical resistance to various substances, toxicity and antioxidants that prolong the useful life. The blanket can be supplied in custom panels, folded and packaged for ease of installation, and its application is quick and inexpensive.

Sansuy’s experience in this segment led to the use of vinigeomanta and vinimanta in works of great complexity, in the case of the São Paulo Metro; of the district of Ilha Pura, in Barra da Tijuca (RJ), that received the Olympic athletes; and the Água Doce Program, established by the federal government to promote the permanent access of the population to good quality drinking water.


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