The vinimanta Sansuy was the first geomembrane used in Brazil in infrastructure works, having several references of use and technology in the construction.

  • PVC laminate used in the fabrication of the geomembrane guarantees strength, excellent waterproofness and durability;
  • Coupled with geotextile on one side, it allows greater resistance to punching, tearing or breaking, and better adhesion in concrete application;
  • Due to its flexibility, it fits to any type of terrain and substrate, without the occurrence of rupture;
  • The vinimanta works can be formulated according to its use;
  • Option of vinomanta PVC geomembrane with odorless and non-toxic formulation, guaranteeing water potability;
  • It has lower thermal deformation;
  • Low specific weight compared to traditional systems;
  • Easy to carry and handle, it can be supplied in large panels, folded and packed to size;
  • Quick, efficient and low cost installation thanks to accessories for finishing without interference in columns, beams, drains, pipes, corners and baseboards;
  • Soldering is done by the manufacturer, through various applicable techniques, with full guarantee of its effectiveness and durability;
  • It does not use flame in the installation, which considerably reduces the emission of gases;
  • Ease of repairs.
  • Sansuy offers Technical Assistance throughout the country and abroad.


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