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I have found these kinda tricky cause you click ‘Like’ and then forget about it a few days later or so and then one day you see a post from them on your news feed. Then, you end up sitting there trying desperately to remember how and why they are on there. Sometimes you remember and other times it will remain an unsolved mystery..

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The reality of voter demographics indicates that there is an unrepresentative sample of people at the polls who isn voting matters just as much as how many people are voting. Her research presents that nonvoters are often young, minorities, disabled and of lower economic and social class. Nonvoters are also more likely to support Democratic party ideals such as the redistribution of wealth, housing bailouts and expanded social safety net programs..

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Melanie She has been troubled by the taunting of her husband’s baby mother(Janay) and her own inability to conceive a child that is hers. She tries to put on a tough face for Derwin and be their in his son’s life, but you can see the tension and pressure on her. She definitely wears her “heart on her sleeve”.

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