Boston Stanley Cup Finalsby Beelzedad 9 years agoYup

That’s the first adjustment we’ve got to make. Secondly, we have got to be better at the top of the order. It comes down to that. They sprang a huge surprise in the first round of this year play offs by defeating the Detroit Red Wings, the western conference top team. The Oilers then went on to eliminate two California teams based in cities San Jose and Anaheim once considered far too warm for ice hockey. Police estimated that 20,000 people poured into Edmonton bar district last Saturday night after the home team sewed up their series against Anaheim Mighty Ducks..

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Stanley Cup Finals Game 5Jump to Last Post 1 9 of 9 discussions (14 posts)kingisposted 10 years agoI hope some of you out here are catching a very exciting Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Boston Stanley Cup Finalsby Beelzedad 9 years agoYup, it’s only the third time for the Canucks to go to the finals with no cup to show for it. The last time, 17 years ago, they literally lost by a single goal to New York.

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