And when you a star, they let you do it

He walked up to the door and ducked under the doorframe as he entered the living room. Then he stopped, turned toward Sheryl and the new boyfriend and growled, this the new boyfriend? boyfriend cowered in apparent terror. He sat down next to the trembling kid, put his huge hand on the boys knee, leaned in close to look him in the eye and said: is my niece and I care about her well being, don ya know.

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If we stand by and allow this to happen we will be giving up the right to free speech in the corporatized public private spaces that now dominate the internet. China will not allow internet companies to operate within its borders without agreeing to enforce its censorship policies. We already know Google was willing to build Project Dragonfly, a new search engine for the Chinese market, despite having previously publicly pledged not to work in the country.

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