And if we have to completely shut down our services

Canberra collective dam levels currently sit at about 57 per cent. “It would be a possibility some time in 2020 if the drought doesn break between now and then,” Mr Purves said. “It would have to be a diabolically bad year for storage to go down between now and the end of the year.” Sydneysiders are set to face their first water restrictions in a decade on Saturday, with the city dams hitting the “trigger” of about 53 per cent.

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canadian goose jacket Good luck.This column was only made aware of these stand alone suburban stairs by Martin Leonard who stumbled upon them while recently stepping out along the walking track which runs through Hughes alongside the Federal Golf Course.”Adjacent to the stairway is what appears to be a paved surface,” reports Leonard. “The pavers are very worn, so I’m guessing they are many decades old.”Last week my two primary school aged girls enjoyed searching for the stairs. Park at the end of Downes Place in Hughes and follow the track that fringes the gold course in a northerly direction for about 250 metres canadian goose jacket.

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